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Hotel Cala D'Or is the second oldest hotel in Mallorca, almost 80 years. This is athe perfect excuse for everyone to know the history of this iconic and wonderful place.Until the seventies the farmers, when they finished their work day, they would descend to Caló de ses Egos (now Cala Egos), meaning crick of the mares, to cool and wash the horses and mules.By then there was already some tourists.CALA DOR, "PICAROL" and paradise. José Costa Ferrer; draftsman and Ibicenco cartoonist moved to Palma de Mallorca to the 20: with a restless and adventurous character, he was one of the first renowned curators on the island, exhibiting in his art gallery early works by Picasso that could be seen in this Mediterranean zone. One of his dreams was to set up a summer camp and he saw in the coast of Santanyí the perfect place.The beauty of the area, its beaches, coves and striking resemblance to his native Ibiza, encouraged him to buy a significant amount of land to start to building his dreams.He named Cala d`Hort, like a beautiful Ibiza beach.Linguistic lasines of the locals, would make it sound Cala D`or, certainly in spite of our protagonist. In 1933 Josep Costa started the construction of the first homes with Ibicenco style, in Ses Puntetes, Cala Gran and Cala Llonga.The first step was already taken, I quickly encouraged by his restless spirit and the low value of the land, he divided his plots into several parcels, inviting his friends to set up their summer homes in the area.In late 1933 he convinced a Belgian friend, the painter Médard Verburgh. They had met in Ibiza and he took him to Mallorca to exhibit his work in the "Gallery Costa". Together they began the construction of a hotel on the beautiful existing creek.Picarol thrust and enthusiasm added to Médard´s talent made the work begins in 1934. the Hotel Cala Dor was born.MEDARD FROM A FAMILY NICOLAU In early 1935 the "Hotel Cala D'Or", is ready, equipped with nine rooms, cafeteria, restaurant and reception area, a pool and almost private beach.Médard, then engaged in the development and preparation of exhibitions, put in charge of the hotel to Mr. Van Craynet, Belgian compatriot, who is responsible for the operation of the facility until the owner's death in 1957.The firsts to enjoy the charms of Cala d'Or were artists such as Olegario Junyent, designer of the Teatro Liceo in Barcelona, Natacha Rambowa, ex-wife of Rodolfo Valentino, Ramón Balet, film producer or painter Anglada Camarasa, Felipe Bellini, Domingo Carles Sebastián Junyer, ect.They were later joined by other artists, including novelist Bernhard Kellermann. Verburgh was responsible for the "Belgian invasion" of Cala d'Or which began in 1934 and did not end until 70.In the 50s, after the tourist decline caused by war, Baleares in general and Cala Dor in particular, became a privileged area of retreat and rest, where the sounds of war were left on the mian land. 57 In the hotel passed to Don Miguel Nicolau. His heirs in front of the establishment, entrusted G4Deco to carryout a respectful modernization process, which does not forget the roots, style and soul have been made to stay afloat during this lifetime.

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