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Reform of a beautiful family home with spectacular ocean views over the bay of Mallorca. History: This property had great sentimental value to its owner. The property was built by her father in the early 60s. The challenge was to adapt the house to the new needs of the family. In this project only we have carried out the reform without decoration since the family wanted to use their own furniture.Structure: the property had a weakened structure; the interior was divided into many very small partitioned rooms. There was not enough bedrooms, bathrooms, closets, pantry. At first we were supporters of the demolition and construction of a new home, but thanks to the efforts of our client we chose to reform the existing property. A top floor was built to host a new large bedroom with bathroom. The window openings were enlarged and a skylight with intent to pass as much light as possible is created. On the main facade stone wall typical Mallorca is created for strength and greatness to the facade. Interior: The color of the house is very simple; it's gray, white and light brown melt. The material used in the floors of the house and terraces is just a tone to create a sense of continuity between inside and outside. The two wooden ladders are as simple as possible, making the stairs out of the walls and a simple structure using iron rods as handrails.

Plans & drawings