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G4deco was born in 2000, from the need of addressing interior design projects from a much more complete perspective than the simple one based an the beauty of decorating a space. G4deco, is a multidisciplinary firm of architecture, design, decoration and landscaping. We start from scratch with any project, merging customer needs and the needs of the building, with our style and knowledge, to get to realize a dream.The last 15 years we have rehabilitated from small residential areas, until the opening of industrial buildings, restaurants, private homes and hotels, throughout Europe. There no small client or impossible to project. Our team since 1999 hope to continue working with the same illusion as the first day.

G4 Deco specializes in providing bespoke design experiences for private residences, residential developments, hotels, restaurants, retails stores and corporate offices. aConsidering architectures, interior design and decoration as one. Space and form, materials, finishes and furnishing are gather together to achieve enduring quality and a unique expression of the client´s wishes, within each project. G4 is an experienced team of interiors designers with a strong passion for reforms, willing to guide our clients through each step of the creative process, to achieve individual tailored projects that reflects our clients’ wished and personality. Clients have the assurance of easy access and collaboration with the team, through all stages of a project. Providing seamless journey from initial brief to project delivery.

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Our team

  • Santos Moreno - Director

    Santos Moreno


  • Arianna Lucarella - Interior designer

    Arianna Lucarella

    Interior designer

  • Laura Abraham -

    Laura Abraham

  • Paquita Cunill -

    Paquita Cunill

  • Andrés Abraham -

    Andrés Abraham

  • Abiel J.Salas -

    Abiel J.Salas

  • Miguel Ángel Morales -

    Miguel Ángel Morales

  • Susana Pacheco -

    Susana Pacheco

  • José Luís Abraham - Administration

    José Luís Abraham